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In the footwear market since 1993, Maquetec do Brasil began its journey by supplying the leather-footwear chain with support equipment for painting heels and soles. Relying on the principle of innovating to compete. In 2000 the company started to develop special machines, offering practical and intelligent solutions for the assembly of an efficient, economical and extremely technological production line. Our products provide the manufacture of painted and faceted heels and soles with different design, following the latest trends in the fashion market.

Located in the productive center of the Valley of the Bells, precisely in the city of Novo Hamburgo, the company It has a qualified and effective team, ready to serve its customers with agility, quality and competitive prices, attributes essential for the demand of an increasingly globalized market. Every year we have new and innovative machines, differentiated machines that make unprecedented operations. In 2013 we received a national innovation award recognizing our effort to always be innovating.

Currently, Maquetec has innovated in various sectors such as gifts, bottles, clothing and is operating in other markets because Maquetec is specialized in images and can use its technology to place images on irregular and regular pieces.

We do with love

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Quality and dedication

Each machine, equipment or service is made with the utmost dedication to international standards approval criteria.


+ 1500 designs for applications

Maquetec do Brasil has available to its partners more than 1500 designs for various applications, and also creates new designs every month to make available to partners.


Machine Innovation

Each year Maquetec surprises the market with new inventions of innovating machinery and equipment that is in the DNA of Maquetec.

Our sustainability policy

Offer to the market automated printing and painting machines and equipment, produced based on sustainable policies and processes, being an economically viable, environmentally correct and socially fair company.


"The search for constant innovation makes Maquetec do Brasil to increasingly improve the development of its machines and equipment, combining quality and productivity with responsibility for the environment".

Gerson Lorscheitter

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