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IGM 12800

Electropneumatic pad printing printer with linear table. Touchscreen display. It has speed adjustment of the displacements for printing. Movements with servomotors. Ease of setting parameters.

Model: IGM 12800
Working principle: Pad printing
Production part / hour (4 to 1 color): 120 to 800
Number of colors: 4
Controller: PLC and digital drivers
Display: Touchscreen
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.5 x 7.2 x 2.2 meters
Vertical cap travel: 150 mm
Standard printable area: 238 x 126 mm
Predominant Color: Blue
Supply voltage: 380 Volts three-phase
Power (maximum): 2.5 Kw
Consumption (average): 1 Kwh
Air consumption (average): 28 PCM or 790 l / min
Pneumatic pressure: 8 Bar
Work area to be provided: 1 x 2 meters
Weight without wooden box: 1800 Kg
Brand: Maquetec do Brasil

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