Leader in Pad Printing

More than 90% of what is applied in pad printing in Brazil is developed by Maquetec, proud, dedication and daily research on countless trips for inspiration.

In addition to receiving daily recognition from companies in the footwear sector and other domestic and international supplier sectors, they see Maquetec as one of the most innovative machinery and equipment companies.
  • Fimec 2010 Launch Award
  • Fimec 2012 Launch Award
  • National Innovation Award 2012– Finep, MBC, Sebrae, Senai, Ministry of Science and Technology
  • PGQP Recognition - Gaucho Quality Program: In Honor of the National Innovation Award
  • 2013 Finalist Award - Finep Innovation for Export
  • Top 20 Award - Inspire More 2013 - Designer's Forum

Our products are shipped to any part of Brazil and the world. We work with the best land, air and sea transport companies.

We do with love

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Quality and dedication

Each machine, equipment or service is made with the utmost dedication to international standards approval criteria.


+1500 Application Drawings

Maquetec do Brasil has available to its partners more than 1500 designs for various applications, and also creates new designs every month to make available to partners.


Machine Innovation

Every year Maquetec surprises the market with new inventions of innovating machines and equipment that is in Maquetec's DNA.

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