In the Market since 1993, Maquetec do Brasil began its journey supplying to many shoes and leather companies the equipment for painting the heel and sole of the shoes. Based on the principle of innovate to compete. In 2000 the company started to develop special machines, offering practical and intelligent solutions for assembling a line with efficient, economic, and extremely technological production. With our machines it is possible to make differentiated finishings on heels, soles, and technical parts following the latest trends in the fashion market.

Maquetec is located in the production center of Vale dos Sinos In the city of Novo Hamburgo, the company has capable and efficient staff, ready to serve the customers with, quality,agility and competitive prices, these attributes are essential to the demands of a market every day more globalized.

Every year we have new and innovative machines, differentiated machines that execute never heard of/ never seen before operations. We received a national innovation award in 2013 in recognition of our efforts of being always innovating. Maquetec has been innovating in many sectors, as gift, flask, and clothing companies, and it is Working on other Markets because Maquetec is specialised in images.

We won the national innovation award

In the category of technological innovation projects

our Machines

Everything we do you can find below. Technological machines that speed up and ease your productivity.

Awarded Worldwide

Prêmio Lançamento Fimec 2010 | Prêmio Lançamento Fimec 2012 | Prêmio Nacional de inovação 2012 –Finep ,MBC, Sebrae , Senai ,Ministério ciência e tecnologia | Reconhecimento de PGQP – Programa gaúcho de qualidade: Em honra ao Prêmio nacional de inovação | Finalista do prêmio 2013 – Finep inovação para exportação | Prêmio Top 20 – Inspira Mais 2013 - Fórum de Designer

Delivered worldwide

Our products are delivered to any location in Brazil and in the World. We Work with the best transportation companies via land,air, and water.

Speciality in Shoes

In Addition to the daily recognition of the many companies in footwear and other sectors, national and international suppliers, who see on Maquetec one of the most innovating machines and equipments company.

Prêmios Maquetec

We put affection on what we do

Know a little about our day-to-day

More than 1500 drawings to pad printer aplication.

The maquetec do Brasil has available to the clients (those who purchase our machines and our products) over 1500 drawings for various applications, and also creates new drawings every month to offer to the customers.

More than 90% of what is applied to pad printing in Brazil on footwear is developed by Maquetec, pride and dedication and daily research in numerous trips seeking for of inspiration.

Quality and Dedication

Each machine, equipment or service is done with major dedication and following the approval criteria of international standards.

Innovation in Machines

Every year Maquetec surprises the market with new inventions of machines and equipment. Innovation is in Maquetec’s DNA